We’re conscious of the impact our operations have on the environment. Installing and maintaining the infrastructure that links homes and businesses to communications providers is a huge operation. For example, we have the third largest vehicle fleet in the UK. There are around 22,400 Openreach vans on the road, covering more than 200 million miles every year. We use over 35 million litres of fuel a year, which is around 90,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Our vans are vital to maintaining our 165 million kilometre-long fibre and copper network. Here are are some other ways we reduce our impact on the environment.

Educating our drivers

We encourage our engineers to drive responsibly and cut the amount of fuel they use. Every year we hold a “Green Driver” competition where they compete for the driver-of-the-year title, which is based on the most fuel efficient driver.

Keeping our fleet in tip-top condition

We replaced over 10,000 vehicles in 2016 and 2017 with new lighter and more fuel-efficient models. This reduced our CO2 emissions by almost 4,000 tonnes.

Innovation in Openreach

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Innovation in Openreach

We’re always looking for more efficient and sustainable ways of doing things.

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