Our performance

Q4 2017/18 Dashboard

What we do really matters to people’s lives. We’re on a mission to build the best broadband network with the highest quality service. And we want to make sure everyone in Britain can connect to it.

Here you can see the scale of our business and how we’re doing against some of our most important targets and ambitions.

Who we are £5bn annual revenues £11bn spent on networks in 10 years m-ds-4 more than 30,000 people m-ds-5Am-ds-6 m-ds-7 over 97,000 street cabinets m-ds-9 m-ds-10 m-ds-11 How well is the UK doing? 99.2% of the UK can order a broadband service of 2MBPS+ m-ds-14 m-ds-15 *UK coverage figurescombine all neetworks and are taken from independent analysis by thinkbroadband.com Leading digital economy amongst the G20 countriesEvery business in the UK can order an Ethernet service (a dedicated line) offering speeds of up to 10Gbps over our network Average UK broadband speed = 36.3mbps(according to of com) How well are we doing? m-ds-20 Our ambition is to make ultrafast broadband, capable of 100Mbps+ available to 12 million UK homes and businesses by the end of 2020m-ds-21 m-ds-23 m-ds-25 m-ds-26 m-ds-27 m-ds-28 m-ds-29 m-ds-30