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Q3 2019 Dashboard

What we do really matters to people’s lives. We’re on a mission to build the best broadband network with the highest quality service. And we want to make sure everyone in the UK can connect to it.

Here you can see the scale of our business and how we’re doing against some of our most important targets and ambitions.

OR_11049_Q3_dashboard_Final part 1
OR_11049_Q3_dashboard_Final part 2
OR_11049_Q3_dashboard_Final part 3 
Who we are Q1-2018_03 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_06 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_08 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_10 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_12OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_14 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_16 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_18 Q1-2018_20 Q1-2018_22 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_24 How well is the UK doing? OR_Q2_dashboard-2018_26 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_28 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_30 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_31 Q1-2018_32Q1-2018_34 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_36 How well are we doing? OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_38 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_40OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_42 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_43 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_44 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_46 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_48 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_50 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_53 OR_Q3_dashboard-v1_55