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Our goal is to connect homes and businesses to the world. Because now, more than ever, the internet is an essential part of modern life. That means it’s vital that we have sound digital infrastructure in place. And while we’re proud to have already brought the benefits of fibre to the vast majority of the UK, we have more plans for our nation’s digital future. 

To see how we’re doing, take a look at our dashboard, where you can see the scale of our business and how we're doing against some of our most important targets and ambitions.

We also have our regulated key performance indicators (KPIs) in place. These are values we measure ourselves against to check how we’re performing. We publish them every three months, so you can always see how we’re doing. 

You can also have a look at our annual report.

Giving back

At Openreach we believe in helping the communities we work with. Find out more about how we support good causes

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Dashboard: We’re working hard to give people the speeds they need to run and enjoy their daily lives.

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About us: We connect homes and businesses to the world.

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Regulatory KPIs: Our Regulated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are published every quarter to let you know how we’re doing.


We’re proud of our people’s passion for making a difference to the lives of others by volunteering and fund raising for a wide range of charities.

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Annual report

Openreach explained

We look after the fibre, wires and cables that connect the country.