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Huge first for Salisbury

19 Mar 2019

We’re making Salisbury the first city in the country to gain complete access to our new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband technology.


This ambitious fibre build is all part of our ‘Fibre First’ programme, which we’re aiming to complete in Salisbury within a year which will benefit more than 20,000 premises across the city.

What it means for Salisbury

When the build is complete, families, businesses and public buildings across the city of Salisbury will be able to reap the benefits of fast, reliable and future-proof broadband for decades to come.

Speedy delivery

We’re working closely with Wiltshire Council, Salisbury City Council and other partners across the city to make sure the infrastructure build can happen at an unrivalled pace and with minimal disruption to local residents.

With this close collaboration, and the expertise Openreach has accumulated over many years of fibre broadband delivery, we hope to have this new service ready to order throughout the city by April 2020.

When is it coming to you?

Salisbury is just part of the story. We’re committed to reaching three million homes and businesses with ‘full fibre’ broadband by the end of 2020, and if conditions for investment are right, 10 million by the mid-2020s.

Around half of our full fibre build so far has been in rural areas. We have so far announced 25 towns, cities and boroughs across the UK and there are more to come. Salisbury, after unique circumstances and sensitivities which have been worked through with the local authority as to ensure appropriate timing of this announcement – brings the total number of full fibre locations to 26.


Kim Mears 

Managing Director, Strategic Infrastructure Development, Openreach