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Rural South Wales community pull together for ultrafast broadband

25 Mar 2019
Wales CFP main

The benefits of new reliable and ultrafast broadband infrastructure will be enjoyed by all 129 properties in the rural village of Llancarfan. Those set to benefit range from a local tractor distributor to a leading Welsh heart surgeon.

Residents in the village have partnered with us via our Community Fibre Partnership scheme. The scheme is designed to help people in places not included in any current roll-out plans to bring fibre broadband to their local area, working with us to co-fund the installation. 

The cost of the Llancarfan CFP will be covered by a combination of investment from us and residents themselves who were able to access Welsh Government Access Broadband Cymru (ABC) vouchers.

One of the residents set to benefit from the improved broadband services is Dr David Smith, a consultant cardiologist who lives in Llancarfan and practises at Morriston Hospital. Dr Smith says that having ultrafast broadband fed directly to his home will be a game changer for the way he works.

Dr Smith explains: “As a medical professional, ultrafast broadband will facilitate my work enormously.

“Modern medicine is dominated by diagnostic imaging be it ultrasound, computerised tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These complex images, which are large digital files, are used not only in diagnosis but in planning treatment. 

“In my work as a heart specialist, the arrival of ultrafast broadband will allow me to review cases and plan individual treatment strategies in my own home which I am currently unable to do. This pre-procedural review will improve efficiency and therefore be of benefit in improving patient care.”

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