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Openreach super donor receives award for making 250 blood donations

14 Feb 2018
Mike Robinson Super donor

Openreach manager, Mike Robinson, has made more than 250 blood donations. And he’s getting an award in recognition.

As only one donor in a 100 ever reaches 100 donations, passing the 250 mark is very special.

He’ll receive a certificate and gift from the National Health Service’s Blood and Transplant Service at a regional award ceremony in Nottingham.

He says: “Every four weeks my manager lets me use 90 minutes of volunteering time at the end of the day to head off to Nottingham and donate platelets.

“Platelets are extremely important for people fighting cancer, particularly children with leukaemia. But they can only be stored for seven days. Unlike giving whole blood, it only takes four weeks to recover and donate again.”

Mike started donating blood in 1984 and switched to platelets in 2001 when he went back to university in Edinburgh to do his PhD.

“I realised it was such an easy way to help people using minimal effort and get a cup of tea and a biscuit too,” he says. “Then my ex-wife died from breast cancer and that reinforced my desire to keep donating on a regular basis.”

Mike urges everyone to consider donating blood. A whole blood donation only takes around ten minutes.