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Openreach engineer, Stuart, rescues trapped motorist

18 Dec 2017
MAIN engineer rescue

Stuart Caddick was on his way home from work in Morecambe. He was on the inside lane of junction 3 of the M55 when he saw the accident.

“The car in front of me hit the car in front of that and flipped into the outside lane. The car was on its roof and to the side, which meant oncoming traffic couldn’t easily see its lights in the dark.”

So Stuart used his Openreach van to shield the car.

“I had flashing lights in my van so I pulled across the middle and outside lanes and placed the warning lights on the roof.

“I went to check the passengers. There was only the driver. He was strapped in upside down and I was worried the car might catch fire.

“I’d received first aid training when I was a member of the armed forces, so I knew I shouldn’t move him in case he had back or neck injuries. I’d called the emergency services, but I thought, how long do you wait?

“He said he had no pain in his head, neck or back so I helped him out.”
Fortunately, the man had no serious injuries.

Stuart says: “What I did was a lot less dangerous than being stuck upside down waiting for people to hit my car.”