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Local hero’s a roadside life saver

17 Aug 2017
A quick-thinking engineer helped save the life of a motorist who had a seizure in his truck.

Ken Spence was working on a street cabinet in Leasowe in the Wirral when a pickup truck came to a halt on the busy road.

"I could see the driver slumped over the wheel,” says Ken. "I pulled him out and gave him mouth-to-mouth for a short while. He started vomiting and I put him in the recovery position. I’ve had no training. I think it was just adrenaline and common sense that kicked in.”

A passing police car spotted the incident and a police officer took over.

Ken says: "I parked my van in front of the man while we waited for the ambulance. When it arrived shortly after, the ambulance blocked the road and I moved my van but I continued diverting traffic.”

The pickup driver has since recovered.

Ken’s manager Barrie Weaver says: "The ambulance team said the man had a heart seizure and Ken probably saved his life. He’s turning into a local hero after helping at another incident a few months ago.”

Ken couldn’t get access to a phone repair at a house in the Wirral and heard a young child screaming inside.

"Having a four-year-old myself I could tell something wasn’t right,” he says. "So I called the police and got a set of spare keys from the landlord six doors down. We found the four-year-old girl’s mum passed out in bed upstairs and called an ambulance immediately.”