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Hear from Raj - one of our trainee engineers

07 Mar 2018
Raj case study thumbnail
Name: Raj Singh 

Previous role: Customer service assistant for Scotrail

Current role: Trainee engineer 

Age: 37

Responsibilities: Installations to private individuals and businesses, finding and repairing faults 

Date joined: April 2017

Location: Glasgow 

Why Engineering: I’ve always had an interest in engineering and wanted to work in it eventually, however, college and university weren’t for me. An apprenticeship provided me with the perfect opportunity to start somewhere at the bottom, gain qualifications and earn a salary whilst working. 

How did you find out about the role: I had been looking for roles in the engineering sector and found this on the Openreach website.

Perks of Openreach:  
Job security, in these days of insecure jobs/industries, broadband and internet is one of the few sectors that is guaranteed to grow. 

Working for a big name. 

Excellent remuneration/ pension package. This is the first time I am saving in to a pension and I am currently earning a decent salary as an apprentice, and once qualified it will be even better.  

As an older worker, there were few apprenticeship schemes that were available for my age group. Openreach provided me with the opportunity to retrain without starting from scratch.