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Hear from Appkar - one of our trainee engineers

07 Mar 2018
Appkar case study thumbnail

Name: Appkar Matharu

Previous role: Exports manager for Batleys cash and carry 

Current role: Trainee engineer - fibre

Age: 33

Responsibilities: Handles all types of fibre work, specialised in Connectorised Fibre. 

Date joined: August 2017

Location: Portsmouth

Why Engineering: I used to be a civil engineer and had worked in Dubai and around the world, however, in 2009 I was made redundant. I then ended up taking the job at the cash and carry.

How did you find out about the role: A friend who works in telecommunications told me about the apprenticeship

Perks of Openreach:  

Job security.

Openreach is a very good company to work for. 

Good pay.  

Opportunities to learn and progress: Decent training, lots of different ways to learn and progress through the company.