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Engineer’s life-saving repair visit

02 Aug 2017
Engineer Ross life saver

Ross went to check a crackle on the phone line at Phil Hall’s home in Wrington in Somerset.

When Phil opened the door he was out of breath, but he’d just come down a ladder so that seemed normal.

Ross says: "As I checked the hall socket I could hear he was still having difficulty breathing five minutes later. I went to see if he was alright. His skin felt cold and clammy so I went to fetch a glass of water, but when I returned he was slipping in and out of consciousness.

"He’d already sent a text to his wife to ask her to call an ambulance. I stayed with him and kept him talking as a way of making sure he stayed awake. I asked him questions the paramedics would need to know.”

Ross found a neighbour, who’s a former nurse, and they put Phil in the recovery position. Then he dialled 999 again to update them and to chase up the ambulance.

Phil had a blood clot removed in hospital and he’s on heart medication for life. But when Ross met him a week later he was feeling much better.

Ross' manager says: "This is something an engineer would never be prepared for when turning up to a repair job. He sprang into action to help Mr Hall and potentially saved his life.

"Ross rang me after the job very shocked with what went on. I reassured him he did the right thing.”