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Cumbrian pupils wrap up broadband cabinet in time for Christmas

14 Dec 2018
MAIN Carlisle Cab Wrap

Pupils at Hallbankgate Village School, near Brampton, are looking into the future after giving the broadband cabinet outside their school a colourful makeover.

Pupils had loads of fun imagining what Hallbankgate could be like in the future after a lot of research into emerging technologies. The futuristic, colourful design is set in the year 3018 and includes flying cars, a high-speed vacuum train, virtual reality communication, floating farms, holidays to space and intelligent buildings that are able to adapt to the environment.

Headteacher Philippa Maleney said:

“Being able to design a wrap for the broadband cabinet has really captured the imagination of everyone in the school. We’ve also had a visit recently from local Openreach engineers who were only too happy to spend time with our pupils, giving them an insight into what it takes to do their job. It was fascinating to learn about how our village is connected and to see what goes on behind the scenes to keep us all connected.”

Local MP Rory Stewart was invited to see the new cabinet design being unveiled and was keen to find out about how the school is using their superfast broadband connection, which was made available by the Connecting Cumbria broadband partnership.

Rory said:

“Bringing a decent broadband service to every part of Penrith and The Border has always been a top priority for me and I will continue to push for further government support for rural broadband wherever possible. Fast and reliable broadband is hugely important for our rural areas and I’m pleased to see the continued progress being made by the Connecting Cumbria programme.”

Robert Thorburn, Openreach’s Partnership Director, said:

Openreach is heavily involved in improving broadband connectivity across Cumbria, and in addition to upgrading and connecting people to our network, it’s also really important we play our part in the local community. Who knows, we may have even inspired the next generation of Openreach engineers!”

More information about Connecting Cumbria can be found at