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We’re excited to launch our first ever brand campaign. By Catherine Colloms

01 Oct 2018
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Our company visits 25,000 homes and businesses every single day and serves almost 32 million homes and businesses across the UK. We know that our engineers are trusted to do a good job, so when we take a big step like changing our brand, it’s vital that we don’t disrupt that trust, apart from to enhance it. 

Our brand is an important way people recognise us so that we can continue to go about our work, being understood and trusted in the communities we serve. But we wanted this to be more than a cosmetic change. We wanted more people to know about and understand the work our engineers do in virtually every community across the UK, creating crucial connections for families, hospitals, schools, and businesses large and small. We wanted our talented engineers to continue being welcomed on the nation’s doorsteps and that’s why we’re excited to launch our first ever national brand campaign in press, radio, social and digital video. 
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This builds on the work already started re-branding over 20,000 vans, the uniforms of more than 25,000 engineers and all of our many buildings. We’re already ahead of schedule, without diverting any significant investment away from our network and people, and we’re confident that this re-brand will have no impact on the quality of services we provide.

As part of the campaign, we’ll also be re-branding BT’s ‘Northern Ireland Networks’ – which already delivers Openreach products and services under the same strategy.

Becoming more independent presents exciting new opportunities for Openreach, and the work we’re doing today will have a lasting impact on our economy, public services, families and future generations. We’re more determined than ever to continue improving customer service, collaborating closely with our customers, and spearheading the national roll-out of reliable, resilient, next generation broadband.

We intend to be the UK’s national full fibre broadband provider for decades to come, and we hope this first brand campaign will shine a light on the incredible work our engineers are doing every day for customers in communities all over the country. 

Catherine Colloms, Director Corporate Affairs