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Connecting the remote Sutherland hamlet of Altnaharra to fibre broadband

17 Dec 2018
Altnaharra MAIN

The extremely remote Sutherland hamlet of Altnaharra has some of the fastest broadband speeds in Scotland. See how it’s impacting the lives of local residents.



Around 60 Altnaharra households and businesses are able to order more reliable, ultrafast, full-fibre broadband over a network capable of carrying services up to 1Gbps – around 22 times faster than the current UK average.

As part of the engineering work, local people and workers from the Altnaharra Estate helped to dig in around 4,800 metres of cable.

Due to the high costs of bringing faster broadband to very small communities in remote areas, many of the villagers had been making do with some of Scotland’s slowest connections of around 0.5Mbps.

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