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£20,000 for Cancer Research in the three months

09 Aug 2017
OR Cancer Research donations

Openreach people have raised £20,000 in the last 3 months for Cancer Research via donation stations in Openreach buildings. 

The Donation Stations have been set up in our Centres of Excellence, buildings where our teams plan the network and control the progress of engineering jobs. The stations are found in around two dozen buildings across the country.

£20,000 could provide one of Cancer Research UK’s research teams with all of the laboratory essentials they need for 6 months. This CRUK funded project is targeting aggressive brain cancers by harnessing the power of the immune system, using immunotherapy to wake up immune cells and recognise tumour cells.

Setting up a Cancer Research UK donation station is easy. Simply visit to request one for your site or to find out more. Every year, supporters donate over £65 million worth of stock to sell in Cancer Research UK shops.

The photo above shows Openreach employees at Edmonton in North London with their onsite Cancer Research donation station.