When can I get fibre FAQs

What’s so different about a fibre network?

The network that delivered all phone lines and broadband was made from copper. The downside of this was that the further you were from an exchange, the slower your broadband speed was. But fibre’s different. A single fibre can carry much more information than copper, and do it much faster. It’s also more reliable and lasts longer. 

27.3 million homes and business premises have access to fibre broadband of over 30Mbps. And we’re building FTTP to 13,000 each week. Thousands of our engineers work every day to plan and install the equipment we need to make this possible. And our network’s open to all communications providers, so there’s plenty of choice. 

The scale of our move to fibre is massive. But we know we still have more to do. 

Check if you can get fibre


How long does it take to move an area from copper to fibre?

Once we start preparing an exchange, it takes around 12 months (but sometimes longer) to get it ready to supply fibre to street cabinets in the area. 

Fibre journey categories

What does 'exploring solutions' mean?
What does 'in scope' mean?
What does 'in scope for Gfast' mean?
What does 'design' mean?
what does 'field survey' mean?
What does 'build' mean?
What does 'connect' mean?
What does 'activate' mean?
What does 'superfast accepting orders' mean?
What does 'ultrafast accepting orders' mean?
What does 'high demand' mean?
Questions about timing and availability

I’ve used the fibre checker. What happens next?
Why is it taking so long for you to upgrade your network?
Can you tell me when my cabinet will be enabled so I can order fibre broadband?
My cabinet was due to be up and running by now, but you’ve pushed the date back. Why?
My communications provider’s line checker says that the date when superfast fibre broadband will be available in my area has changed. Why?
There's another cabinet near me that's already accepting orders. Can I get fibre broadband from there instead?
Your 'fibre’ checker can’t give me an answer on whether I can get fibre. Why?
I've been told the cabinet my home is connected to isn't able to deliver Superfast fibre broadband. Is that it for me?
Questions about planning

How do you decide where you're going to put a new fibre broadband cabinet?
Do you need planning permission for new cabinets?
Community information

I represent a local group and want to know when Superfast fibre broadband will be available in our area. Who do we contact?
Who can I talk to locally about working together to generate funding for the deployment of superfast fibre broadband?
I live in a rural location. I can't even get a decent broadband speed now. Will I ever get superfast fibre broadband?
Is there anything I can do to make sure fibre broadband comes to my cabinet?
Questions about fibre technology

My nearest serving cabinet is up and running but I still can’t get fibre broadband? Can you tell me why?
What's the difference between fibre to the premises and fibre to the cabinet?
I’ve been told I have an 'exchange only' line. What does that mean?
Can I change my exchange only line connection so that it goes via a cabinet?
I have fibre broadband using fibre to the cabinet. But I want fibre to the premises. Can you change this?
Why can't I see fibre to the premises developments on the map?
Why are your cabinets painted green
Questions about where to get extra support and help

My broadband speed is slow and/or drops out. What should I do?
I can’t find the answer about superfast Fibre I’m looking for in your FAQs. Can I contact you?