Phone and broadband problems

Trouble with your phone or broadband 

If you’ve just moved into a new build home or business, read this advice

If your home or business isn’t newly built, there are a few checks you can do yourself which might fix the problem. If these don’t work then you’ll need to contact your communications provider, the company you get your phone or broadband from. They’ll run some tests to work out what the problem is, so it can be fixed as quickly as possible.  They’ll contact us  if they need to. If you’re not sure who your communications provider is, check your phone or broadband bill. It’s possible you might get your phone and broadband from different companies, so make sure you contact the right one. 

Checks you can do yourself

1. See if there’s a problem in your area
Use our network checker to see if we already know about a phone or broadband problem in your area.

2. Check your equipment

master socket 5C

Small network termination point

If you have a small network termination point like the one in the picture above, we'd recommend doing these checks.


Fibre network termination point

If you've got fibre cables coming directly into your home you’ll have a fibre network termination point, like the one shown above, along with a smaller battery backup unit. Try doing these checks.

Why can’t I contact Openreach directly for phone or broadband problems?

All of your details are held by your communications provider. They provide your phone/broadband service and manage your account. 

Don’t worry though. If your communications provider believes the fault is on the Openreach network it’ll contact us and arrange an appointment on your behalf. 

If you're not sure who your communications provider is, check your telephone or broadband bill. It's possible you may have different providers for each service – phone, broadband and/or TV – so make sure you contact the right one.