Our performance FAQs

On this page you’ll find answers to FAQs about our performance. We’ve divided them up into five sections:

  • our copper service

  • the terminology in the copper stats

  • more information about the Openreach regions

  • improving our service

  • extra information.

After these you’ll find FAQs covering statistics about our business customers (Ethernet) service.

Copper Service statistics background

Where can I read stats about your copper service? How often do you update them?
Why have you decided to publish stats about your copper service now?
What services are included in these stats?
What targets has Ofcom set for you?
How have these minimum service levels been set?
How do these service statistics relate to Ofcom’s additional targets?
What happens if you don't hit Ofcom's targets?
The terminology in the copper statistics

What is the difference between a "Wholesale voice line" and a "Fully unbundled line"?
What are the maintenance levels?
What's a tail?
What do you mean by "first available appointment date (FAD)”?
Is there a difference between business and home performance
More information about the Openreach regions

What are the regions?
Why is service different from one region to another?
Why are only some measures shown by region?
Improving our service

Why do some repairs and installations get delayed?
How will showing people stats about your service help you to be better?
What are you doing to stop faults happening in the first place
Why are some repair and installation jobs still outstanding more than 30 days after you should have completed them?
Are you going to add fibre broadband to the performance information?
Extra information

I'm not happy with the service I got from you. Who can I contact?
Why can’t I speak to you directly to complain or organise for an engineer to come out to me?
Where can I find out more about the services you provide?
Why do some installations have minimum lead times?
What's changed in the regulatory environment?
Statistics about our business customers (Ethernet) service

Why are you making these performance measures public?
Why have you changed the way you measure your performance?
What are the Minimum Service Levels you're expected to provide?
Which services do the reports refer to?
Who buys Ethernet from you and why?
What changes have Ofcom made to the way you measure and report your performance?
What does 'on-net' mean?
What does new network build mean?
Why are the regions for ethernet different to the ones for copper?
What is the ‘Central London Area’?
Questions about the charts shown in the reports

What does the chart for the 'average time to provide' show?
What does the chart for the' time taken to deliver the shortest circuits' show?
What does the chart for the 'time taken to deliver the longest circuits' show?
What does the chart for 'circuits delivered by the original agreed date' show?
What does the chart for 'faults fixed within agreed time' show?
What are you doing to improve these statistics?
How often will you be updating these statistics?