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I want to talk to you about...

Booking an appointment, order, fault or issue with your service

You need to talk to your communications provider first – that’s the company who sends you a bill. We’re sorry, but we can’t talk to you directly about it. 


Because your contract is with your communications provider, you need to raise service issues or problems directly with them.
If there’s a problem that needs our help, they’ll get in touch with us and we’ll work together to fix things. 

An Infrastructure solutions order

You can ask the infrastructure solutions customer service team for an update by calling them on 0800 783 2023 or you can contact them online.

Work we've done at your home or business

I’d like to thank an engineer

It’s great to hear when we’ve done well. If you’ve had a good service from one of our engineers and want to say thank you, fill in this form. We really appreciate it. 

My work wasn’t done in the way I expected

Your communications provider can raise this with us. (Only they can see what they asked us to do and compare to what the engineer actually did.)

If your communications provider asks us to, we’ll come back to you to get things sorted. 

Getting service to a newly built home

You can find  all the information you need here

Getting Superfast or Ultrafast broadband

You can use our 'when can I get fibre' site  to check when you’re likely to get upgraded. Just type in your landline number or post code.

If you’d like more information, you can fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.  

Damage to my property or personal injury

Call us on 0800 023 2023 and choose option 1 and then option 2.  You'll be asked to leave a voice message with details of the damage or personal injury as well as your contact details, so have these ready.  We're here Mon-Fri and we'll try and call you back within 24 hours.

Network that's unsafe or damaged

Call us on 0800 023 2023 and choose option 1 and then option 1 if you spot something unsafe or damaged equipment, please check this guide  to make sure it’s ours before you call.

Our buildings

I want to report an issue with one of your buildings

If you’ve noticed a maintenance issue with one of our buildings please call the Facilities Helpdesk on 0800 22 33 88.

Our network equipment

The identifying our network guide will help you to check what network is ours.

Where is our network?

You'll find all the information you need on the locating our network page, including how you get this info from us 

Can you move your network?

If you want us to move our network use this enquiry form to tell us how we can help you. You can also call us on 0800 783 2023 (choose option 1).    

I’m not happy about where you’ve placed your equipment

There's specific legislation in place to help you raise this with us and information can be found on Ofcom's website. For new telegraph poles and overhead cables use notice number 78(1).

New street cabinets are covered by permitted development rules within planning legislation.

I'm not happy about where your older equipment is located on my land

To raise a new application on in situ cases please complete our declaration form for in-situ apparatus.

How do I get a wayleave?

You'll find all the information you need on the obtaining wayleaves page.

How do I get a wayleave?

All the information you need is here.  

A crime or scam

I’ve seen someone vandalising your network or stealing cables 

If you see someone vandalising our network or stealing cables please don’t try to stop them yourself.
If you can, get a vehicle registration number then call 999 as soon as it’s safe to do so, or you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, 100% anonymously, always. Speak up, stay safe, stop crime.

I suspect a scam

We’ll never ask you for information like bank details – either in person, over the phone or by email. We’ll also never ask to remotely access your computer, phone or tablet. So if someone contacts you claiming to be from Openreach and asks for any of this, don’t give it to them.
If you’ve had a dodgy call, go to Action Fraud for advice from the police on what you can do next.
If you’ve had a scam email, forward as an attachment it to our dedicated mailbox. And go to Action Fraud for advice from the police. 

There’s an engineer at my door

Check with your communications provider to see if they’ve asked for an Openreach engineer to visit you. Sometimes we use companies working on behalf of Openreach but your communications provider will know if we’re due to you that day.
If not and the engineer can’t show you valid photographic ID, don’t let them in. Report it to the police using the 101 phone service. (Some of our engineers drive plain white vans, but they’ll all carry an photographic ID card.)  If the engineer isn’t genuine you can report this on the Action Fraud site.  

None of these, I have a complaint

If you want to book an appointment, or contact someone about an order, fault or issue with your service please talk to the communications provider who sends you your bill first.

We're sorry we can't talk to you directly about it as your contract is with your communications provider and you'll need to raise service issues or problems directly with them. If there's a problem that needs our help, they'll get in touch with us and we'll work together to fix things.

We can help you if you aren't happy with:

- Openreach driving or parking problems
- The behaviour of our people
- The work we’ve done in your street

Echat button      

All of our agents are busy helping customers at the moment. If you have a complaint that relates to any of the above you can also complete this form.