Building our fibre network

At Openreach, we’re using the latest technology to build our fibre networks.

Connectorised Block Terminals for FTTP


Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is a pure fibre connection – all the way from the exchange to a home or business.  It offers speeds of up to 1Gbps.

We’re making it easier to provide FTTP with a range of new simple components.

Connectorised Block Terminals, or CBTs, come in three handy sizes, 4, 8 and 12 ports, and can provide connectivity at our street poles (overhead) or underground.

These versatile units are packed with great features, including:

  • fully sealed terminals with downward facing ports to protect fibres from the weather and dirt;
  • “plug and play” fibre connector ports for speedy end customer connections and a test access facility to enable installation and service checks.

All our CBTs are factory tested and have pre-terminated cable.  This improves our network build quality and makes for faster installation, because there is no need for specialist fibre splicing skills and equipment, so more of our engineers can get the job done. All good news for customers and our roll-out of FTTP.

Slippery Fish


A 12-fibre small profile oval cross-sectional cable (8 x 4mm) that we insert into our underground duct network.

It’s strengthened inside so it can be pushed by hand up to 50m into a duct. It’s flexible and easy to handle. And because it’s so small, we can also easily clip it to poles or slip it behind other cables or trunking.

Ultra-light weight cable


This cable punches well above its weight, carrying 36 fibres within its slim 7mm diameter. That small diameter makes it perfect for aerials as well as lots of other applications, including our underground network.

We combine it with modern wiring clamps and port seal closures so we can use it to meet demanding fibre network requirements. And we’re working with our suppliers to come up with a cable that can carry up to 48 fibres without increasing the diameter.