Fibre broadband

Our network is available to 31.8 million premises, carries 300 million phone calls every day and provides over 11.5 million active fibre connections in the UK..  

Because we know how important broadband speeds are to modern life, we're working hard to bring fibre broadband to as many people as possible. We've made fibre broadband - of over 30Mbps - available to nearly 27.3 million homes and businesses. And we’re building ~FTTP to around 13k more every week. Our network’s open to all communications providers, so you get plenty of choice. 

Thousands of our engineers work every day to plan and install the equipment we need to make all this possible. 

Taking the UK from super to ultrafast

Ultrafast is the name for a group of new fibre technologies that give connection speeds of 100Mbps or more – all the way up to 1Gbps. We’re upgrading our network to bring our customers these speeds. It’s one of the biggest and fastest upgrades in the world.

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When can I get fibre?

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Superfast broadband

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Ultrafast broadband


We’re constantly improving our processes, using the latest technology and developing new ways to build our fibre networks

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Community fibre partnership