Independent Openreach

We’re taking more control of our strategy, investments and plans, so we can give customers better service, broader coverage and faster speeds. To make that happen, we’re changing the way we run our organisation, and making more of our own decisions. And we have experienced people from across our industry helping us do it.

What’s changed?

We have more control

We now have more control over our budgets, decision making and day-to-day activities – so we can develop our own strategy and plans. And while we still agree our overall budget with the BT Group board, we determine our own priorities and spending.

We have a new board

Our board as a majority of independent members. And we consulted with Ofcom before appointing all of them. The board is responsible for strategy, investment and performance. It’ll make sure we fulfil our obligation to treat all our customers – the communications providers – the same. It’ll also monitor our CEO.

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We have a new way of working with our customers

We’ve always prided ourselves on working well with the communications providers who make up our customers. But our new independent status means we’ll now be able to look into co-investment and risk-sharing opportunities with them.

We’ll continue to make sure all of our customers get equal access to our network. And we’ve improved that access by putting a new formal consultation process in place for major investments.

We’ve got new governance

To be legally accountable for these changes, BT Group put various things in place to make sure our new status followed the relevant laws and regulations:

  • they formally notified Ofcom of the steps they were taking to reorganise our organisation, then asked it to make this binding by making a change to BT’s responsibilities under the Enterprise Act
  • they changed BT’s articles of association (the written rules about running the company) to give us greater power, and make sure our board treats all customers the same
  • they issued new governance rules to define and reinforce our independence, and put together a new, independent compliance committee.
Our board

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Our history

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